When most people think of Ontario, they think of Toronto, or perhaps Ottawa. If they're thinking of moving to the province they immediately start looking for real estate services in Toronto that can help them with the move. However this Toronto blindness is keeping people from seeing some really great places to live. For instance, did you know that Burlington, Ontario is rated as the third best place in Canada to live? It's true! So if you're planning a vacation or considering a move, remember to put Burlington near the top of your consideration list.

At BurlingtonCanada.ca, we're all about Burlington. It's our mission to share with you some of what it's like to live in or just visit our city in order to help you make your decision as to whether Burlington would be right for you. The average Burlington resident may not be as busy as an Toronto naturopath doctor, but there's good chance he or she is happier. Here in Burlington, one of the best things we can offer is quality of life. We have a great balance between work and pleasure and if you were to come here, you would too.

Finding a job is fairly easy here in Burlington. Our low unemployment rate can be attributed to our diverse economy and our location in the prosperous Golden Horseshoe region. There are many different professionals who make their lives here. We have something to offer you whether you're a small business owner, skilled manufacturing worker, restauranteur, teacher, or chiropractor. Just as one example, Abba Parts has been operating successfully in this city for over 25 years, growing its customer base and employing more and more skilled workers. Toronto may be able to say the same thing, but Toronto also has real estate prices that are through the roof. Here in Burlington, your money goes as far as it should.

Because Toronto is conveniently accessible from Burlington by commuter train, many professionals choose to keep their jobs managing single ETFs or advising parents on infant nutrition in Toronto and live in Burlington so as to be able to afford a larger house and enjoy a slower paced lifestyle. That's not to say there's nothing to do here in Burlington - there's plenty of shopping, parks, gardens, attractions, and festivals here to keep you busy. You can even learn to sail on Lake Ontario.

If you think Burlington may be worth looking into, we'd like to direct your attention to the top of the page, where a series of navigation tabs are waiting to take you deeper into life in Burlington. Everything you need to know about the city - jobs, home prices, attractions, transportation - is there. When you're fully convinced Burlington is for you, you can contact us and we'll put you in touch with a Realtor who can help get you started.

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