has provided the following information on what qualities they think creates a good real estate agent.

Everyone wants to sell their home quickly and get a great price, which is why a lot of people hire realtors to help them. However, not all realtors are created equal. While some will do everything in their power to get you what you want, others are only in it for their cut of the action. Given how many real estate agents there are, how can you possibly tell which are the good ones and which are the not so good ones? Easy. You follow our good agent checklist. Here are the qualities you want in an agent.


Your real estate agent should care not just about making the sale and collecting her commission, but also about you. She should care about your life goals and show interest in helping you achieve them. She should ask about your kids and your dog and your life when you meet, and not just because she has to - because she wants to.


In a buyer's market, it's tough to generate interest in a home unless your real estate agent is willing to get out there to promote your home and chase down buyers. While you shouldn't expect him to be working on your sale 24/7, he should be taking all the appropriate steps as soon as possible. No delays on getting the home listed. No putting off your open house to work on another project. Every time you talk to your agent he should have some new progress to report.

Well Trained

You want to have a real estate agent that has not only taken Ontario's required courses on handling real estate transactions, but also one who has taken courses in how to market your property. Find someone who stands out as a real estate broker who focuses on proper training for the hundreds of real estate sales representatives and brokers who are with the company.


Check up on your agent before you hire or even interview her. What's her sales record like? Has she sold half of the properties in your local area or is this her first job? While lack of experience needn't preclude you from hiring her (everyone had to start somewhere) she should at least have a few successful sales - and happy past clients - before you decide to use her. Remember - it's not all in the statistics. You'll get the best picture from talking to other clients.


While you shouldn't expect your agent to be at your beck and call, he should make time for you when you request it. Even once your house is on the market, your reliable Ontario REALTOR should keep in contact with you, giving you updates and information. If you change your mind about something or need further clarification on an issue, your agent should be only too willing to assist.

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