When you're choosing a real estate agent that's going to help you sell your home you're likely thinking of all the different things that you're going to expect of them and want them to do. The reason that people still choose to work with an agent as opposed to listing their home on their own is that they offer you their knowledge and experience, marketing strategies, and time. But before you sign up to work with someone to sell your home, you should understand what they expect of you as well.

Any contract is a two-way street and this is definitely true when it comes to the agreement that you sign with your agent. The first place where you're going to want to make sure you're on the right page is with listening to their advice and suggestions. This is your home and in the end you're going to be the one to choose the listing price and where that property is going to sit among homes for sale in in Burlington. But, your real estate agent is coming in with a wealth of knowledge that should guide you to the right price. You should take their suggestions into account, even if you're hearing lower numbers than you might think your home is worth.

One of the best things about working with a good agent is that they are going to make themselves available whenever potential buyers want to come in for a showing. But that means every time, before your real estate agent steps foot in the house, it's going to be your responsibility to make sure that the entire property is clean and free of clutter. You might also be expected to make some small repairs or changes to put your property in peak condition, including cleaning up any brick discolouration in the case of some older homes.

You should expect each other to always be open and honest throughout the selling process. If you have any questions about your home then your agent should always be able to provide you with an informed answer within a reasonable period of time. You should also make sure that you're being completely honest with your agent about your property. If you know that you need someone to come in and repair the roof or that you need the home sold within a month because of a new job then your agent will expect to be informed of this in the beginning.

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